Going Home from a Brothel

I haven’t posted on here in over a month, so what the heck, I’ll post as I’m waiting for dinner at the brothel. Fortunately, the cook here tonight is very vegan friendly. There’s a sex worker here who is a vegetarian and another sex worker who doesn’t eat pork or red meat, but I’ve never met any vegan sex workers at brothels I know of in the 10 plus years I’ve been in the biz.

Though there’s stuff I like about working at a brothel, I’ve been getting bored and depressed this stay because it has been so slow for me, and some other women have told me it’s slower than usual for them. I began working in the legal Nevada brothel system over 10 years ago, and this is my slowest two week trip ever.  I made less this past week than I often make in a day. Yet, it could be worse. I at least made enough to cover my room rent and weekly STI testing even after the 50/50 split of what I make with the brothel.  On another positive note, the the customers who I spent time with seemed very satisfied, which makes me feel good.  I pride myself in providing relaxing, pleasurable, enjoyable experiences.

There are ways to deal with boredom here, like coming onto this blog and posting. Since I can do this, I obviously have Internet access. There’s also a small exercise room here which I have been using, and a couple of the sex workers have become workout buddies. I’ve also been faithfully doing my yoga DVD in my room. There have been some visitors coming in, but just more sex workers than we have the business for. I’m not giving up, as there are so many ebbs and flows in this business. I’ve also had very busy trips to brothels, so it isn’t always like this.  This is my last night here during this stay, after being here for two weeks.  Well, the dinner bell just rang, so bye-bye for now.  The cook is making vegan chili.  Yummy!

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  1. Given the large proportion of vegan/vegetarian men who are single, it looks to me that you would be better off targetting that audience and working independently as an escort. You could advertise on all the relevant vegan/vegetarian internet notice boards.

  2. I agree with ‘pom’ totally. Here in Australia there is the same need for, and I love this term, Herbi-whores! If you ever visit these shores, I would be delighted to meet you.

  3. I love the term herbi-whore, too and am very interested in visiting Australia. Hopefully, I’ll make it out there someday. I’ve met sex worker advocates from there and they’ve got some amazing advocacy going on!
    I learned the term -herbi-whore- from another vegan sex worker, so I can’t take credit for this.

    Thank you both the for the information. I’m not sure how many vegan clients there are or how much of interest in vegan escorting there is. I thought there wasn’t much of an interest in this, but after reading your posts, I think I could have underestimated the interest.

  4. Well, pom if you hadn’t guessed is English. I’m sure that there is some interest in vegan escorting and that we all agree that there is nothing morally wrong in paying for sex, though you would probably find yourself getting into arguments with illiberal ‘liberals’ if you tried posting on veganvillage, veggieboards or whatever. Tantric massage by qualified masseuses (and plenty of unqualified ones) is being advertised more and more on the internet, so the line between what does and doesn’t constitute paying for sex is becoming more blurred. Though with escorting as with offering any other service it does come down to price and without wishing to state the obvious, in a recession, most people’s disposable incomes fall.

    For me visiting a ‘massage parlour’ is a rare occasion, principally because I weigh up what else I could – or need to – do with the money. It would cost me a lot more than my weekly expenditure on food to spend half an hour that way, not to mention that the two ‘massage parlours’ I have visited in England have both been a bit seedy. I have been to a couple of brothels in New Zealand whilst on holiday there a good few years ago, both of which felt much more above board, as per the law there (worth looking into, as well as Australia) and at one hired an escort to come back to my hotel room. I have no idea what her diet or lifestyle was, but it had – and has still – occured to me that I would preferred to have paid a woman who is vegan/vegetarian, though it wouldn’t have have been the main criterion.

  5. It is not the main criterion though. The main criterion is that she be sexually attractive, disease-free and offers good value for money. Ultimately it is just sex as a commodity in return for payment; I weigh it up against the cost of a good meal in a vegetarian restaurant, which may well be more pleasant, satisfying and better value for money.

  6. Hi Tara:
    Of all the brothel questions, your’s is probably the toughest for me to answer. After all the years I’ve been doing sex work, I still don’t know what an average week is money-wise or if there is even such a thing as an average week because it various so much. The amount that one sex worker makes can be extremely different from what another sex worker makes. Even for the same sex worker, the amount of business we get can vary from one week to another. People could make in the thousands a give week or not even make enough to cover their working expenses such as house fees, STI/STD testing fees, etc… or we could make anywhere in the middle.

    Also, I’ve noticed the “tides shift” a lot in this business. For example, one person may be a top booker one week and then have a slower week the next and somebody who had a slow week the previous week is now booking a lot. I remember one woman I worked with where she was booking a lot more than I was one week, and then I was booking a lot more than she did the next week. I say this to point out how quick the tides can shift and why it’s so difficult, if not impossible, to say what an average week is money-wise.

  7. The Sex in Nevada link that you’ve attached is interesting, in so far as that most of the women have their face shown instead of blurred, as is usually the case on escort websites (for obvious reasons where it is legally ambiguous). None have prices advertised, but I guess it varies on the time of day and how busy she already is. I can’t see a “herbi-whore” in there though.

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