Working at Nevada Brothels: Q&A

I began working in the Nevada brothel system almost 10 years ago, and am writing this to share insight. I’m not trying to encourage or discourage people from working in the brothels, but rather to provide important information, as I believe in being able to make informed decisions no matter what we do.

-How long do I stay at the brothel? It varies. Some brothels have minimum stay requirements, such as a week or two, and some don’t. I like to stay for two weeks at a time. After two weeks, I’m ready to go and I’m usually able to get a good amount of business during that amount of time, even if it’s slow for part of it.

-Do we live in the rooms we see clients in? At many brothels, yes. However, there are a few where we live in separate rooms.

-Do brothels have computer access? Many do, but my experience is that it’s often slow and at times isn’t working. Many also have Wi-Fi if you bring your laptop. At one brothel I worked at,   I brought my desktop and set it up in room room.

-Do brothels provide meals? Many provide dinner and some provide more meals, but you can also bring your own food.

-Do all houses require line-ups? Line-ups are typical, but not all brothels do line-ups. At one brothel where I worked,  we danced for the clients and chat with them at the bar, rather than doing line-ups. Many houses also have bars in addition to line-ups, and some customers can go to the bar and chat with the sex workers before selecting somebody rather than getting line-ups.
They can also request a sex worker without a line-up, and in some cases, they schedule appointments ahead of time. I can’t speak for everybody, but for me, customers have always showed up after scheduling appointments.

-What’s the relationship like between the sex workers? Since we live together while we’re at the brothels, we sometimes bond and develop friendships. I’ve gotten along with the vast majority of sex workers I’ve worked with. However, sometimes tensions arise between sex workers for a variety of reasons.

-What do we do during line-ups? Typically, just say, “hi, I’m (your name).” Physical contact (beyond handshakes at some brothels) and flirtiness aren’t typically allowed during line-ups and are often considered “dirty hustling”. I learned that line-ups are a skill and talent and it’s important to be conscious of our pace (how fast we walk and shake the customers’ hands) and our tone of voice. I’m careful to smile, walk slowly, shake their hands slowly (at brothels where we shake hands with customers), and speak slowly so I come across as relaxed, rather than rushed, anxious, or nervous.

-How can I attract clients to visit me? You can post photos on the brothels’ websites, as well as here: . You can also post on this very active discussion board: .

-How often do I need to be tested for STI’s: The blood tests are once a month and in Nye County, you need to get tested again if you’re off the brothel premises for more than a day. I’m not sure if that’s a statewide law or just Nye County. We also get weekly cultures, which are like mini pap smears.

-Do I pay for my own STI testing? Yes

-How much is room rent? It various per brothel, though typically $20-$35.

-How much of the money that I bring in do I get to keep? The brothels typically take 50 percent of what we book for, though there could be a few with a 60-40 percent split in the sex workers’ favor.  In addition to that, we also pay room rent at many of the brothels and some also charge additional fees, such as for linens and book keeping.

-Can we work shifts? At many of the houses near Reno, yes. Not usually at the other houses, though some close overnight.

-What are the clients like? The vast majority of my clients have been very kind and respectful, and I enjoy being with them. However, it’s always important to be careful and we can encounter unkind, disrespectful people in any industry. The clients are a variety of people, different types of personalities, occupations, hobbies, interests, etc.

-Are condoms required? Condoms are required for vaginal, anal, or oral penetration. (However, not all houses allow anal.) My experience is that clients come to brothels knowing that they’ll need to use condoms for these types of acts and they’re interested in safety, so they rarely try to resist.

-How old do people have to be to work at the brothels? At least 18-years-old, and in some counties (such as Nye) 21-years-old.

-Do we set our own prices? Yes, but many brothels have house minimums that we can’t go below. Also, a couple have posted prices for basic sessions.

I hope this info. is helpful. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

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  1. Great “how to work list”, thanks and greetings to the community.

    Can you ad some information on paper work, taxation. What documents are required e.g. are foreigners, travellers allowed?
    We sex workers need this for more countries and destinations for female, male and transgender workers. Therefore we have started and set up a news archive for sex work in the world by countries (in German with lots of English):

  2. Thank you for the link, Marc. In terms of paper work, brothels typically require contracts, and give us copies of them. Also, some brothels give us receipts for each session that we book. Further, sex workers need to fillout forms from the local sheriff’s office to get our legal work cards. In some counties, sex workers renew work cards annually, but in Nye County, we renew them quarterly. Sheriff card fees vary according to the county, but in Nye county, it’s $125 each time we renew our sheriff’s card. That could be the most expensive in Nevada. We also need to get new Sheriff’s cards each time we switch brothels, even if it’s still in Nye County. I’m not sure if every county with legal brothels in Nevada is this way.

    We’re independent contractors and responsible for filing our own taxes. As required by law, brothels send us 1099 forms if we make at least $600 per year. A sex worker from another country told me she was able to work in a legal Nevada brothel with her Green Card, which allows non-U.S. citizens to be in the country legally. However, that was some years ago, so I’m not sure if migrant sex workers can still work in the legal brothels.

    I don’t know of any trans sex workers in the legal Nevada brothel system. The Shady Lady used to hire men, but this only lasted for some months and there are no longer men sex workers there. None of the other brothels hire men sex workers.

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  4. Hi Vegan Vixen! So, I’ve been working a little bit in NV. It has been a wonderful experience overall. However, since I’ve just committed to one house thus far and since I’ve had such a good experience at this particular house, I am curious about other places. I would like to know if you’ve had any experience working at one of the houses owned by that one really famous man, I forget his name, but he owns several brothels throughout NV. If so, was the experience any good?

  5. Hi NA:
    I believe you’re referring to Dennis Hof and I’ve never worked for him before. I’ve heard mixed things about him from people who have, some really like him and some have different feelings. Not having worked for him and hearing different things, I won’t jump to conclusions.

  6. Thanks for your detailed insight, I am relocating to Nevada because I need to work where sex for sale is legal. You have answered some very pertinent questions. Thanks

  7. vegan vixen was very honest about her job i am not against prostitution you do what you have to do to survive prostitution is run in a decent way in nevada

  8. I appreciate your supportive comments, Bernadette. There are various reasons why people exchange sex for payment and it’s mainly survival in some cases, but not all. I have some issues and problems with the Nevada system, but am grateful that it does provide at least some of us with a way to work legally. I just dislike how in the U.S. sex workers in prostitution outside of this system are relegated to the more clandestine criminalized system, where they are not only at greater risk of arrest, but also violence and have no legally recognized labor rights.

  9. I am considering working at a brothel in NV, The daily rent and the 50/50 split seems like a bit much, Most want you to stay for 14 days totaling around $450. Was there ever a time a lady didn’t make her rent? How is this situation handled? seeing as there are alot of ladies to choose from. Anything you chould suggest to watch out for?

  10. Though rare, I do know of people who didn’t make enough to cover their expenses for the week (e.g. rent) after the 50/50 split. Though I don’t know how they handle this everywhere, at this particular house, they just carried the debt over to the next week or when the woman comes back if she’s going on vacation. The amount she books the next week or when she comes back would go toward covering her debt for the previous week, until she had this paid off and then she could start pocketing what she made. Or, if people have enough money to do so, they could just pay the house the extra money they owe for the week and not have to go into debt to the house. Needless to say, it would really suck to be in this situation, even if the busier weeks more than make up for this financially.

  11. Hi Vegan Vixen…I left a comment a few hours ago and I no longer see it on your blog. It was in regard to whether or not I could contact you anonymously (if you prefer) with specific questions. I am considering working for a legal brothel in Southern Nevada this summer and cannot find any online resources to answer my questions. I’m a little bit nervous about going into this type of employment with unanswered questions and I’m wondering if you would consider helping me out with answers. Thank you in advance…Have a lovely day!

    ~ Elle

    • Hi Elle:
      Thank you for your support of vegans. You can write to me privately, though please keep in mind that I don’t advise people on how to enter the biz but just share insight of the biz based on my experiences and what I have learned from other sex workers in the biz. My e-mail address is . I’m just checking the messages now, which is why I didn’t get back to you sooner.

      • Hi Vegan Vixen,

        Thank you for such a quick response! And you’re welcome for the support of Vegans, ethically it just comes naturally. When I became a Vegetarian when I was 18, it was a choice I made effortlessly, after I had seen a non-related film in one of my collegiate courses. The film was a documentary about the economic crash in Flint, MI after huge layoffs in the auto-industry factories. The film showed what people (over 100,000) were doing to survive the loss of their employment and lack of opportunities in an already bad economy market. One woman subsequently took up the breeding of rabbits for food. The footage showed her petting, holding and kissing a beautiful bunny…then the next minute knocking the bunny over the head and killing, gutting and carving her. It was so shocking to me and disturbing to one moment see this beautiful creature alive and thriving, and within seconds desecrated. I went to Taco Bell after class (as usual), except this time when I was eating my lunch I couldn’t escape the reality nor correlation between what I was sustaining my own life with and what that “sustenance” was and had been through itself. I threw the burrito away and have never looked back. I hope to be able to resume Veganism in the future (I tried that when I was 19). I can see both sides of the coin in terms of people and their instinct to survive, sometimes at any cost. However, I personally subscribe to Peter Singer’s Theory of Lesser Harm…i.e. so long as an alternative to harming animals exists, we are ethically responsible to choose that alternative.

        Anyhow, I thank you immensely for sharing your e-mail address with me! :) I will drop you a line in the next few days. I very much appreciate your willingness to share of your knowledge with me…That is beyond kind. Thank you again and I’ll be in touch very soon…Have a kickin’ day!! :)

        ~ Elle

  12. Hi again Vegan Vixen…Just a quick note to let you know I sent you an e-mail a few days ago. No pressure, just want to know if you received it or if it ended up in your spam box perhaps? Thanks again and have a lovely rest of your weekend! :)

  13. Do you know if the registration to perform legal sex work in Nevada is likely to show up on background checks for future employment?

    • I chose this career because it’s a way to make a living where I can decide when to work, such as when to go to the brothels and when not to–also curiosity about working in the legal brothels. Though I never actually did the math to figure this out, I would estimate that I average about two to three clients a day.

  14. Hi. I’m sure earning potential varies by girl but what’s the worst amount of money you’ve known a girl to make in 2 weeks after all of the payouts.

  15. Hello Michelle:

    I don’t know and even if I did, I prefer not to discuss the specifics about how much money I make or how much money other sex workers make. I don’t ask other sex workers how much money they make.

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