Occupy Student Loan Debt Campaign

You’ve likely heard of the Occupy Wall Street activities happening across the U.S., protesting how the wealthiest 1 percent have so much control over our society while the masses (the remaining 99 percent) are being screwed. Occupy Wall Street protests how politicans are representing big business and not the interests of the masses, and putting corporations ahead of people.

For example, major corporations were financially bailed out by the government, while citizens struggling just to get by everyday aren’t being bailed out. I attended an Occupy protest and a sign somebody was holding up makes this point. It said something like, “whose gonna bail me out if I fuck up”.

I found out about another related campaign called Occupy Student loan debt and am very drawn to it ( http://www.occupystudentdebtcampaign.org/ ). I’ve been treated like I need to go to college to have any self-worth or gain intelligence since I supposedly “can’t” gain any as a sex worker. Yet, college put me into debt, not sex work. It finally dawned on me, why am I going into debt studying to do something else when sex work suits me well, and is something I learn on the job. Also, if you encounter financial troubles and need to declare bankruptcy, that won’t erase student loan debt. 

Here’s a possible solution: Stop incarcerating sex workers and non-abusive clients, and redirect those funds toward providing universal higher education, so nobody has to go into debt persuing a higher education. Such funds being used to incarcerate sex workers and non-abusive clients could also be redirected toward other important causes, such as stopping human trafficking, providing universal health care; and more.

2 responses

  1. What are you opinions about the student protests in Montreal? It strikes me that the students are living in a fools paradise, trying to destroy the economy of the Province of Quebec which subsidises their education, while Quebec itself depends on fiscal transfers from taxpayers in BC and Alberta. The Quebecois are lucky that other Canadians are so tolerant but I get the feeling that that tolerance is being stretched to the limit. Maybe the students would like to turn Quebec into another Greece. Then they might have to re-open the bordellos to being some money in.

  2. I haven’t been following the news a whole lot lately and am not familiar with the protests in Montreal. Thank you for sharing this.

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